BigBike rates

Die costs for a BigBike tour you can calculate yourself




Day of the week time 1 hour*
(minimum surcharge applies)
2 hours
3 hours from 4 hours
Monday to
09:00 - 22:00 h 170 € 240 € 330 € on request
Friday and
09:00 - 22:00 h 190 € 280 € 390 € on request
Saturday, public holiday and day before a public holiday 09:00 - 22:00 h 200 € 300 € 420 € on request


All rates are per BigBike and inclusive of VAT. Starting and finishing the tour at the BigBike rental depot. The driver-guide is always included.


On the following days no tours will be performed:    

  • New Years Day 01.01.
  • Good Friday
  • Berlin marathon
  • Remembrance Day / National Day of Mourning
  • Sunday of commemoration of the dead
  • on Christmas Eve 24.12.
  • 1. Boxing day 25.12.
  • 2. Boxing day  26.12.
  • New Year's Eve 31.12.


Keg of German beer - 10 litres keg (ca. 2,2 gallons, 17 pints) - 20 litres keg (ca. 4,4 gallons, 35 pints) - 30 litres keg (ca. 6,6 gallons, 52 pints) - also available alcohol free   4,90 € per litre
Mineral water, Coka Cola, Fanta, Sprite - 1 l bottle   2,80 € per bottle
Mulled wine   6,50 € per litre
Sparkling wine - 0,7 l bottle 12,00 € per bottle
Instead of mulled wine we can also offer alcohol-free fruit punch.   6,50 € per litre


Please urgently note:

The consumption of spirits or liquor with a high alcohol content is completely prohibited.

We recommend not to consume 10 litres of beer per hour on a fully occupied BigBike.

Due to the demands of the public, restrictive city regulations and new legislation, we are obliged to strictly enforce the provisions and rules of the Road Traffic Act (Straßenverkehrsordnung StVO) and the German law for the protection of the youth (Jugendschutzgesetz JuSchG)

Transport of the BigBikes to a different starting and/or finishing point

Usually the tours start and end at the BigBike rental depot: Entrance from Lützowufer 13, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten.

A delivery and/or collection of the BigBike to a different starting and/or from a different finishing point (other than our BigBike rental depot) are principally possible. Within the city of Berlin, for a delivery or a collection we charge 95,00 Euro per transport per BigBike each. Delivery and collection 190,00 Euro. However we don’t do transports on a Saturday.

For transport s(delivery and/or collection) we charge:

  • within the city of Berlins : 95 € for a one-way transport (delivery OR collection) (that is 190 € for delivery AND collection)
  • outside of Berlins: price on request
  • For short term bookings, especially weekends or public holidays, transports might not be possible. However we don’t offer transports on a Saturday.


Professional touristguides or guides in different languages


We provide German and English speaking experienced driver-guides only, but not a qualified / trained tourist guide.

You can hire a professional tourist guide or a guide for another language (other than German or English) at a surcharge. Please enquire for price.