Our fleet, our team

Safety and road traffic

The BigBike is officially recognised as a bike. Therefore you travel on the road by means of transport as a bike. According to an expertise from the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrradclub) – the General German Bike Association – is the BigBike officially a bicycle and therefore approved for traveling on public roads.

The use of bicycle lanes (cycle path) is not mandatory, if that is unreasonable.


Our fleet

The BigBike accommodates up to 16 passengers at the same time. 10 of the passengers have a seat with a pedal. The other passengers can just sit and appreciate a relaxed ride. Or you can alternate half way.

A big roof protects you from rain and lets you enjoy the sightseeing tour in every weather condition. Below the roof is a shelve were you can store smaller goddies.

In the middle is a 360 ° wooden bar counter with an integrated professional beer tap. This gives you a full panoramic view and you can enjoy real German beer, brewed in accordance with the strict German purity law. Of course there is also sparkling wine or non-alcoholic beverages on offer. We make use of environmental friendly, reusable plastic cups. We have ashtrays and rubbish bins.

For your entertainment there is a music system with all different kind of connections at your disposal: CD, USB, MP3, iPod. Just bring your own music and swing into a peaceful party mood.

It is 100% environment-friendly, fully muscle-driven with pure muscle power at a speed of up to 3.7 miles (6 kms) per hour. This will give you plenty of time to see most of the places of interest during the two hour standard tour length. The experienced driver-guide will supply you with interesting background information to the most important sights and will guide you safely through the buzzing city.


Technical safety

The BigBikes are regularly maintained and checked for safety. The pedals are with freewheel function to prevent injuries. They have a loud bicycle bell, electric lighting and two independent brake systems. With those efficient brakes, even at a speed of up to 3.7 miles (6 kms) per hour the brake force can be kept for longer downhill sections. But not to worry, Berlin has very little difference in altitude.