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The BigBike-Berlin

Explore the historic centre of Berlin…

…the multitasking way

Visiting a buzzing city like Berlin is extremely exciting. The visitor is overwhelmed by a fascinating variety of historically and modern buildings and places, a cultural diversity and a lively art, fashion and club scene.

Berlin was always the centre of historic happenings: The centre of Prussian virtues during the imperial era, the beginning of permissiveness in the early 20s, the origin for the Nazi terror and horror of war, the front-line city during cold war under Soviet occupation, and the bizarre divided and walled-in city in a socialist planned economy.

Discover the early years and the peaceful transformation from the totalitarian socialist regime to a modern democratic society. Take your time to experience the rough charm and warm-heartedness of the Berliners.

So much to discover, but so little time?

There are many ways to get around in Berlin. You can walk; take the very well developed public transport network; you can take a tourist bus. Maybe you go for a Segway tour if you can keep your balance. We have the solution for you: Something which will take your breath away. A real fun and multitasking way to discover Berlin on sightseeing tour with your friends:


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The BigBike-Berlin is a unique experience

Paddel with your friends or colleagues through the political and cultural capital city of Berlin. Get to know all the exciting and main sights of Berlin. You can do one of our recommended tours. Our driver-guide is always on board. Alternatively you can book an additional professional trained tour guide (in this case additional costs apply). Our experienced driver guide and our event-manager will gladly assist you with your booking, to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

More than sightseeing

The tours are very well suited for sightseeing and also for team events, group outings, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or if you just want to get from A to B, for example an exceptional transfer from your hotel to a restaurant.

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BigBike tour as a present!

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You want to surprise someone from your family, friends, cliques, clubs or associations with a very special gift. How about an unforgettable one? Ask for our gift voucher and give away a BigBike tour.

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BigBikes are also for sale.

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