BigBike Rental terms and conditions

Rental period
The BigBike can be booked from Sunday to Thursday between 9:00 and 22:00. On Friday, Saturday, public holidays and the day before a public holiday the BigBike can be rented between 8.00 and 22:00. The minimum rental period is two hours. The BigBike can also be rented for the whole day on special conditions.

Number of participants
The BigBike can accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers: 10 seats with pedals, 5 seats without pedals, 1 behind the bar counter to draw the beer. The BigBike needs a minimum of 6 to 8 passengers pedalling to move the heavy vehicle on the road. Kids and people that don’t want to pedal constantly can be seated on the backward bench or on a seat at the side without bottom bracket (max. 5-6 people).

On every tour the driver will generally be one of our employees. Our personnel possess the necessary knowledge to navigate the BigBike safely through traffic according to the road traffic regulations. The driver is not allowed to drink alcohol before or during the tour.

We are happy to plan routes for you, according to your wishes and the rental period. Our drivers are generally familiar with the routes as well as party-proof. The BigBike can go up to 6 km/h. We therefore advise you not to plan a distance of more than 5 kilometres per hour.

Valuables, jackets and bags
Please watch out for the valuables, jackets and bags you carry with you. BigBike does not accept liabilities for lost items. Pay particular attention that wallets or mobile phones can’t fall out of the back pockets of your pants. Storage space for your personal belongings on the BigBike is very confined.

Drinks and Food
Drinks have to be purchased exclusively from BigBike. Our current selection of drinks can be found on our website. If you would like to include snacks or other food, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

BigBike is no booze bike
BigBikes guarantee a lot of fun and an unforgettable adventure. To guarantee that you really enjoy and experience your tour, the serving or the consumption of spirituous beverages like schnapps and liquor are strictly prohibited. Should our guests not abide by this order but consume alcohol excessively and show symptoms of deficiency, the responsible BigBike driver is obligated to cut the tour short immediately because of traffic regulations and insurance law. To make a real adventure out of your BigBike tour, we advise our guests not to consume more than a maximum of 10 litres of beer per hour (if the BigBike is fully occupied by 16 passengers). The consumption of drinks you brought with you is not allowed. For organisational reasons, the drinking of the “left overs” after the end of the tour is not possible. We therefore ask our guests to preferably consume all drinks before the end of the tour. Furthermore, BigBike abides by the law for the protection of the youth that strictly prohibits the serving of alcohol to children or minors under 18 years old.

Conditions for participation
You have to start the tour sober (the limit is 0,02 % Blood Alcohol Content) and no exceptions will be made. You agree that alcohol tests are conducted with every participant: Therefore we have a breathalyser (AlcoTest® alcohol detection device) which measures the concentration of alcohol in the breath, which is notionally converted into the BAC value. The AlcoTest® devices are of recognized quality; they are calibrated and allow highly reliable measurements.

Our Bikes are equipped with a sound system based on CD, iPod and MP3 on USB stick. Please bring your own choice of music. To prevent noise pollution, the driver is obligated to reduce the volume in residential areas. After 22:00 the BigBike tours only with a reduced noise level. Singing along is fun and part of the game, but should also be adapted to the time of day and the surrounding area.

For your garbage and cigarette butts please use ashtray and trashcan. The careless throwing away of garbage, chewing gum, cigarette butts or even spitting is an administrative offence and can be punished accordingly with a fine. To reduce the amount of garbage, we use reusable tableware. For safety reasons all our drinking vessels are made from plastic. The tableware is the property of BigBike.

Usually, transport (delivery and/or pick-up service) is possible to almost any place you wish. During the summer months there can be limitations on the transports on the weekend. Please check with us if a transport for the desired time is possible. Transports will generally be agreed upon and charged for separately. You can easily communicate your wishes in our online rental form or via phone.

Bad weather
There is no bad weather, only wrong clothes. The big roof offers good protection from the rain. Rain capes can be provided. Because we reserve the booked dates exclusively for you, in case of a cancellation the terms and conditions of the rental agreement will apply. In the event of weather warnings by the German Weather Service in the off-season (October to March), we offer the opportunity to reschedule once without extra charge, if notified at least one day ahead of the scheduled tour date.

Please communicate your personal data as complete as possible to us so that we can guarantee a smooth and quick handling. Naturally your data will be handled confidentially.

Event Bike and More GmbH t/a BigBike-Berlin shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from misbehaviour of passengers, as a result of increased alcohol consumption, climbing on and off the BigBike while the vehicle is in motion etc. Place of jurisdiction is Königs Wusterhausen, Germany.

BigBike code of conduct

BigBikes are a lot of fun. You get exercise in fresh air, are the centre of attention in the street scenery and get — without any effort — in a good (party) mood.

That on a BigBike beer is drunk is part of the game. We want fun, party and a good mood. With the BigBike Code we want to ensure that this fun isn’t at the expense of other people.

Alcohol allowed, but moderately

Please remember, that you drink less while riding the BigBike than you would in the same amount of time in a bar or pub. Even though the BigBike is driven by our (stone-cold sober) driver-guide, we are driving in public and in road traffic. Furthermore you don’t do yourself a favour if, during the tour, you are only concerned with staying seated.
Therefore we apply the following rules:

  • Those who want to start into the tour already tipsy or drunk have to stay at home. You agree that random alcohol tests are conducted with the participants before the start of your tour. For the participation in a tour, the limit is 0,02 % Blood Alcohol Content. The principle of zero tolerance applies.
  • The permitted amount of beer is limited to 10 litres of beer per hour (on a fully occupied BigBike with 16 passengers).
  • We only serve beer to persons over 18. You can have lots of fun without alcohol as well, wanna bet?
  • Hard liquor is off-limits on the BigBike (schnapps, liqueur, etc.).
  • It is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

Further directions can be found in the terms of hire under “BigBike is no BoozeBike”

Everyone needs to go to the restroom – but please not everywhere

During our tours there will be rest stops. On every BigBike you find a list of restrooms that you can use along your route, our driver will stop there at regular intervals. Peeing in the street is a real offence to the local residents and is therefore punished by a fine not only by the police.
Our driver is obligated to cut the tour short immediately in a case of peeing in the street!
If a member of the party causes the breaking off of the tour, we charge 200 Euros for the expenses of the return transport of the BigBike.

Please remain seated

When senior citizens get on the bus, you shouldn’t do it. But on the BigBike it’s always requested: remain seated! Jumping off the BigBike while moving is not only annoying to those who have to keep pedalling. Primarily it is dangerous for the one who jumps off. In this case we also don’t make compromises. When one of the party jumps off, the tour is over. Consequences are the same as mentioned above.

Beer, women and song — no bawling and molesting

Great atmosphere, stirring music — only party poopers can remain quiet with that! If you want to sing along to your favourite songs, we appreciate it. And the people along the tour, that can see and hear you, will as well. If the singing turns into importunate bawling and passers-by are molested, the fun is over.

We choose our routes carefully

We gladly offer you advice on planning your route, so that you can pass many nice places within the period of time you booked our BigBike. Important for the choice of the route:

  • We don’t go on streets where the speed limit is more than 50 km/h.
  • We avoid streets with just one lane and main streets during rush-hour traffic.
  • Our stops are chosen so that no one is constrained or disturbed and there is enough space for the whole BigBike crew. During the stops the music will be turned off.