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From BeerBike to BigBike

The company Event Bike and More GmbH is as the operator of BigBike Berlin for more than ten years on the market and distinguishes itself by a wide range of products and a growing number of customers. How was the company established? How did the name change from BeerBike?

The history of BeerBike goes back to the year 2002. It was used as an additional income and soon developed into a net of franchisees. BeerBike quickly gained popularity in Germany, so that many critics positioned themselves against it. The city fathers in cities like Cologne and Düsseldorf have banned BeerBike-tours. After several decisions of the court, the court has decided that a special using permission is necessary for driving with a BeerBike. In addition to that, the company is only allowed to drive their bikes in defined areas.

Mr Hoffmann-Elsässer, the former CEO of BigBike Berlin, recognized in 2009/2010 that the alcohol is not important when driving with a BeerBike. Besides several preventive measures as alcohol tests, the company was renamed into BigBike Berlin. With this we want to show that driving with our company means sporty sightseeing tour with a cool refreshment and own music.

Innovation, a new way of thinking and a perfect bike for sightseeing-tours. These aspects distinguish the company in Berlin. Bring your own music and drive through the public streets with us. Our special permission enables us to offer you the original BeerBike in Berlin, although there are numerous bans in several other German cities.

Enjoy your event and celebrate with us. The former managing director of BeerBike and current employee Ulrich Hoffmann-Elsässer who is really ambitious and energetic points out the fun factor. In addition to that, he highlights the safety of the customers during a bike-tour. High-quality alcohol tests before the start of the tour in Berlin are just an example. The customer should appear sober, so that he can enjoy the experience with our bicycle.

An original company needs an original company name. We do not focus on the consumption of beer, but on the fun factor. Due to this fact we have separated ourselves from the company name BeerBike and changed it to BigBike in 2013. Of course, we will still provide our customers with drinks and beer in reasonable amounts, so that you can celebrate your special occasion with us and our bike. Enjoy a special day with our service!

It does not matter if you need a tour for a birthday, a friend, a clique meeting, an anniversary or a company party, we take care of your well-being. Drive with us so that you can make a progress together in traffic and in your team in general.