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For us at BigBike Berlin it is important to protect customers and drivers in the face of the Corona situation. Therefore we developed a corona concept for our service:

  1. Our bikes are converted since the safety distance on each side cannot be maintained, protective walls are installed between the individual seats.
  2. The driver is also protected by protective walls.
  3. The Corona regulations of the state of Berlin apply in principle.
  4. For each group there must be an attendance list with all contact details so that all persons can be informed in the event of a Corona case.
  5. Reservations in advance are mandatory.
  6. Maximum 13/11 guests per bike.
  7. All passengers must have face masks with them.
  8. People who are not willing to comply with the Corona rules mentioned above are not allowed to ride on a Big Bike Tour!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail (info@bigbike-berlin.de).

Your BigBike Berlin Team

Sightseeing, sports and fun

The Berlin BigBike is a pure experience! Discover Berlin in a completely new way and above all discover it together.

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Visiting a buzzing city like Berlin is extremely exciting. The visitor is overwhelmed by a fascinating variety of historic and modern buildings and places, a cultural diversity and a lively art, fashion and club scene. Berlin has always been the centre of historic happenings: The centre of Prussian virtues during the imperial era, the beginning of permissiveness in the early 20s, the origin for the Nazi terror and horrors of war, the front-line city during the cold war under Soviet occupation, and the bizarre divided and walled-in city in a socialist planned economy.

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